What people ay about a retreat with David Starr

“I have had the pleasure of attending two retreats in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, where David Starr has been facilitator. I found the retreats enjoyable, insightful , unforgettable experiences. The range of sessions and activities was very beneficial and worthwhile. The art therapy was amazing, allowing me to express myself in an interesting and different way.  Being part of a group, listening to (and sharing) with other people was so inspiring. The retreats gave me the opportunity to take time out of my busy life and reconnect to my inner self. Magnificent experiences. Thanks David."




I had a wonderful experience during my time participating in a weekend Soulfest retreat. David was an insightful, patient and kind facilitator. He led our group each on our own personal journey with a personal yet professional touch. Art therapy was a feature of the experience of which I really enjoyed. It provided a unique insight into our feelings and subconscious thoughts. It was a much welcomed opportunity to reconnect with our inner selves and rediscover what is important.

Thank you David for this wonderful and rare experience.




“Going to this retreat was not what I imagined - I needed so much to do this, resisted doing it, but did it!! The result was overwhelming.  I loved every minute of it and came back excited, inspired and really feeling like I could cope.  I often go back and look at the artwork that I created and think how far I came in that session and indeed how far I have come since…  It is a MUST repeat experience!! – thank you so much David!”