"David brings gentleness and lightness to his sessions. In the past I have participated in plenty of workshops and always looked for cathartic and confronting processes to create change in my life. Yet the quiet and expressive process of art therapy has woven change into my life.  Even now, 4 months later, I see the ripple effect of that session and the changes it has ignited. With David's caring and supportive facilitation of the session I was able to strongly engage with my heart and my own knowing, and that has made all the difference"


Text message received two weeks after clients first session:
“Dear David,
Here I am, lost in blissful peace amongst the gorgeous mountains of Spain. We are walking amongst some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen and right now, words, phrases and moments from our session keep coming back to me. I really want to let you know how much that session meant to me, how much it resonated with me and helped me. “


"Art Therapy with David Starr has been one of the most uplifting and eye-opening journeys I have undertaken.

I found it to be incredibly inspiring, revealing and beneficial. So many aspects of my life I had not considered, explored or needed to reconnect myself to - were brought into a new light-  which has created an immense turn around for me.

It has assisted me greatly with some very complex and tentative issues that have been weighing on my life of late and has shown me new horizons, opportunities and fresh insights on how to approach these issues, pivotal transitions and my life path.

The nature setting (of Hornsby)  is calm and inviting, the serenity of the nature surrounding you brings comfort and clarity to the sessions.

Bella is the most beautiful and delightful little dog you will ever encounter! She is just divine, exceptionally polite and contributes a wonderful sensation of comfort, relaxation and ease"


"I have been to see David on several occasions, often to help me through periods of major transition in my life such as changing jobs or relationships.

The combination of the Art Therapy and David's gentle guidance allow me to explore my feelings around different situations while always feeling safe and supported. 

Rather than being prescriptive, David allows me to develop my own insights and I always leave feeling revitalized, with a fresh new perspective on the situation. I wholeheartedly recommend this empowering experience! "