Essentially, David Starr is a portrait photographer. People form the foundation of his photographic expression. He discovered this passion for portraying people as an HSC student for his major work.

The difference with David Starr is his use, manipulation and maximisation of natural light. David creates intuitive images that depict people in insightful ways.

With family portraiture, David encourages the family to be photographed in the home setting. Children are more comfortable in their home environment allowing for more natural images to unfold. Other options include local parkland settings or settings in and around David's bush valley home in Hornsby, or in his offices at Balmain and Bondi Junction.

Aside from understanding light, David's ability to connect with each client allows for initial relaxation, followed by a relaxing of self (subject). This is captured through the critical combination of light, composition and interaction between subject and photographer.

David attributes this chemistry to successful portraiture.