One of David’s photographic passions is that of individual portraiture. David provides a supporting link for people considering a career in modelling. He portrays not just the obvious strengths of the subject but unveils ‘looks/moods' that could impress agencies looking for versatility. David advises which agencies are reputable, safe and worth pursuing.

David Starr’s model portfolio creates an insightful, depth sequence of images- depicting a spectrum of moods and ‘looks’ within the one shoot. David Starr excels in providing potential models (of any age) a pathway to a professional modelling career.


The difference between an individual portrait and a model portfolio is essentially time, variation, and the willingness of the subject! David provides a supportive, friendly shooting environment but is more directive with would-be models, stretching clients to achieve their full visual potential.

David excels on location shoots. David provides ‘studio-look’ images, but nature light is his domain. David’s mastery of natural light accelerates the clients’ modelling potential with a unique, natural,  professional portfolio.