about david starr

(Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy)

Began retreat work with adolescents in 1992. Has led retreats, workshops and seminars with children, adolescents and adults. Is currently leading Art Therapy retreats and workshops that welcome peoples of all faiths.

Is a lecturer at the College of Complementary Medicine. Facilitates Kinesiology students in self-written programs of therapia, communications and transpersonal counselling skills.

Has lectured Art Therapy students and is a guest speaker/ lecturer at tertiary institutions. Is founder and director of Soul Connection.

David Starr is an insightful, passionate and compassionate man. David augments his counseling practice with another trade. He is an award winning professional photographer with the AIPP (Aust Inst of Photography) having photographed nearly 1000 weddings. David attributes the gift of this experience to that of accessing people’s psyche, cultural richness and diversity of family – all within a day of swinging emotions.

“To honour and respect each individual through this traditional family ritual has taught me much”  says David.

David had his first book published in 1999, “Harmony of The Heart”, and is currently completing his portrayal of the community members of a Benedictine Abbey, creating images that will inspire others in search for meaning in life.

David is a partner of the Balmain Centre for Holistic Health, providing quality health care for those in need. His three Art Therapy clinics cover Sydney's North-West, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West, providing client centered counseling for those in need and search for healing.

David Starr